Work Safety Tips & Practices

Cultivating a safe work environment requires the right training and procedures put in place by management. At CommTech Global, safety is our number one priority for employees and clients alike. This commitment to safety, safe workplace practices, and adapting and innovating with the times provides a company culture that is unmatched.

We believe in sharing safe, practical workplace practices and offering tips for organizations to implement in their everyday operations.

Every month we will update our Work Safety Tips and Practices to improve your work environment to be safe and healthy for all.

Safety Tip #1: Recognize Risk and Implement Plans to Eliminate Incidents

Maybe your organization already has a Work Safety Practice in place, but that doesn’t mean it should be stagnant. Recognize that as a company or organization grows, risk in the workplace can also grow.

Safety in the workplace should be your company’s number one priority. Employees should be able to recognize risk in their workspaces and must know the proper protocol to follow when identified – such as informing supervisors in the event of unsafe conditions, accidents or injury.  Encourage employees to identify unsafe or problematic scenarios and take action to help mitigate those situations.

Safety Tip #2: Field Technician Safety

The safety of our field technicians is CommTech Global’s number one priority. As many field technicians and companies know, the management of those safety guidelines can be difficult given the circumstances of the work sites. What is the reasoning for that? Lets’ dive in. To read full article click here.