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Building commissioning: a golden opportunity for reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emission in the United States

Published by Springer

Commissioning is arguably the single most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings today. Although commissioning has earned increased recognition in recent years, it remains an enigmatic practice whose visibility severely lags its potential.


A look inside our energy future

Published the energyfactor

Access to reliable, affordable energy has completely transformed how people live, communicate, travel, conduct business, infrastructure and much more. 


Top 5 List: How Your Business Can Benefit From Solar Arrays

By Kristine Rohwer l November 2020

Efficiency at the lever: Push-in connection technology is revolutionizing the control cabinet

Published by the PHONENIX CONTRACT 3/2007

Original content by PHOENIX CONTRACT, CommTech Global is onboard with push-in connection technology, this new technology allows electrical systems to be wired securely and smoothly from field to controller.


The Commissioning Dilemma: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

By Chris Robinson / millwise engineering

“An effective, detailed commissioning plan will align functions and engage operations very early in the startup process and more in depth than with traditional project transitions.” 



The Future of Solar is Bright

By Emily Kerr/ Harvard University

New technological advances over the last twenty years have driven this increased reliance on solar by decreasing costs, and new technological developments promise to augment this solar usage by further decreasing costs and increasing solar panel efficiency.


The Importance of Commissioning and How It Helps

Published by smartcitiesdive

In the 2016 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency indicator survey, 72 percent of respondents have plans to increase investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. “Going Green” and “Environmentally Friendly” are no longer newsworthy, trending headlines. Now, there is a growing focus on how to achieve energy efficiency in the most cost-effective way. This is where commissioning comes into play.


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