How to influence safety in the workplace

By Kristine Rohwer

August 3, 2022

At CommTech Global, safety is our number one priority for employees and clients alike. We believe in sharing safe, practical workplace procedures and offering tips to implement into everyday operations.

We spend so much of our life at work that we forget how our actions and attitudes affect those around us. Having a cheerful outlook can be overlooked as a safety practice. One employee’s bad day may transfer to another employee, and another. It can create a firestorm of negativity. Action and attitude transfers; this is where accountability steps in. How WE react, how WE speak influences the whole, and once we hold ourselves to a higher caliber of accountability within the workplace (or anywhere), we are encouraging others to follow suit.

Within our own workplace, we practice influencing positive attitudes by fostering teamwork and making work fun. How we influence safety and influence others to rise to high safety behaviors, starts with accountability. Below we list suggestions that may help influence safety in the workplace.

  • Set the groundwork with safety procedures, policies, and practices within the workplace. Having policies in place for those emergencies will be crucial as well as beneficial. No one wants to feel like they are being patrolled, or made to feel there is extra work. This sets the stage for proper expectations and allows for autonomy and accountability for each employee to understand and put into practice safety rules.
  • Maybe you aren’t the policy police, maybe you have zero control on what policies are put into practice at the workplace. What you do have is the ability (and responsibility) to set the example of being adaptable to change, being positive about those changes, and encouraging others to do the same. Our actions, words, and outlook regarding safety, when placed in a positive and constructive manner, can influence coworkers to do the same and limits the opportunity for workplace injuries. Follow through on each safety practice with a cheerful outlook, regardless of title or stature at the workplace.
  • Engage with employees, make it fun! Maybe there is a reward system, a lunch to discuss new safety practices – allow for opportunities for positive engagement.
  • Make it easy. If employees are expected to change or adhere to policies, make those policies easily accessible and be available for those that have questions. Find out what tools you have to influence your employees or coworkers so they understand and take accountability for safety practices.
  • Lastly, reward good influence! Those that cheerlead for everyone’s success. Those that encourage their co-worker’s safety and well-being. Gratitude and appreciation to employees that are producing a safe and happy workplace goes a long way! Reinforce positive teamwork and remind employees that this is for the greater good. We want everyone to go home to their loved ones, therefore we expect our workplace to be a safe place.

For more safety tips, please visit our Work Safety Tips and Practices page on our website.