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CommTech Global honored as 'Business of the Week'

CommTech Global was named Business of the Week by the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce, January 11, 2022.  Vice President James Craft accepts the award on behalf of our company.

Inspection Capabilities

all  about  our Inspection Capabilities CommTech Global offers an array of Field Services that include everything from Field Engineering to Document Control, and an extensive

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featured publications

‘Global’ Expansion

Published by Douglas County Post-Gazette

“This office was built specifically for our design and engineering department. CommTech Global’s designers are recognized for their contributions and quality work for our clients.”


CommTech Global sees swift growth within engineering consulting niche

Published by Midlands Business Journal

“As long as we find the type of employees we want working for us, the sky’s the limit,” Jachym said. “We can’t grow without the right individuals to grow with us. Possessing good culture and having good people is vital. It’s also about listening to what clients are currently struggling with and growing to meet their needs through expanded services so we can continue to give them everything they ask for.”


CommTech Global Named Small Business of The Month By Greater Omaha Chamber

Published by Strictly Business Magazine

“As a leading provider of professional and reliable commissioning services to customers in all realms of the energy industry, CommTech Global believes their dedication and commitment to quality is what makes them truly unique.”


Greater Omaha Chamber – Small Business of the Month – June 2021: CommTech Global 

Published by Omaha Chamber of Commerce

When a self-described “energy fanatic,” who also happens to be equally fanatical about customer service, starts an energy company, the impending result is certain to set a new standard.

And that’s exactly what happened when John M. Jachym (the aforementioned fanatic) and his business partner, James Craft, opened up CommTech Global in Elkhorn, Nebraska back in 2017.



By Kristine Rohwer / CommTech Global

April 19, 2021

Panel Assembly is a CommTech Global team effort that includes aid in all phases of putting together the final product.  From reviewing plans and designs that can enhance reliability and functionality to working with only first-rate automation equipment, our meticulous quality assurance in unrivaled in panel assembly and fabrication.


By Kristine Rohwer / CommTech Global

April 19, 2020

Field Employee Retention at CommTech Global starts with our staff communication efforts, continued training and education for our field and inspection technicians, instilling high-caliber conflict resolution skills, and working together – because we all succeed when we are connected.


By Kristine Rohwer / CommTech Global

March 2021

CommTech Global facilitates startup solutions within the energy sector, with commissioning being the backbone of our unmatched services. We asked our Lead Commissioning Technician, Brent Koon, about the importance of commissioning — especially hiring a third-party commissioning team versus in-house quality assurance/inspection and assembly — and a few other questions pertaining to commissioning practices at large-scale projects.


By Kristine Rohwer / CommTech Global

May 2021

What’s the difference between commissioning and inspection? Why would a startup or restartup hire a third party commissioning company?

CommTech Global’s Billy Kirkland, Inspection Supervisor explains in this Q&A article why field support/inspection is vital to the success of projects whether it’s full turnkey service from inspection to completion, to owner’s satisfation and product knowledge.


Published by Control Engineering
Commissioning an integrated security system for solar power plant in Saudi Arabia was successful despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


By Kristine Rohwer/ CommTech Global

November 2020

Many businesses in the United States are shifting steadily to solar energy, regardless of the business’ size. Small to medium size businesses are following the rapid traction of solar power and seeing the benefits of switching to alternative energy solutions.

Why now? The solar industry has grown and matured over the years, where the technology is more affordable in present day versus decades ago. Return on investment is timelier, and solar energy is more dependable than other energy sources.


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