Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up

By Kristine Rohwer

At CommTech Global we proudly boast that we provide assured commissioning solutions in the energy sector – as the preeminent start-up solutions company. What does commissioning mean exactly, and what is pre-commissioning and start-up? These terms encompass the essential steps in the safety and quality of projects, prior to the inaugural opening of a plant or facility.

Let’s start with pre-commissioning – this step is substantial in the success of the entirety of the project. Pre-commissioning is assembling the equipment, systems, and sub-systems, as well as testing and checking individual units to ensure they are installed correctly and able to perform as required. This is the most vital part of the project – if not done properly, large issues may arise later in the project. This could create additional costs and loss of crucial time.

So why is everything checked and tested if the equipment has been purchased from a reputable manufacturer? Most equipment is disassembled for shipping purposes; therefore, the item has a possibility of being damaged transit or during the reassembly and installation process.

Pre-commissioning is only complete when every piece of equipment, all systems, and individual units have been checked and verified. Once this crucial step is complete, the commissioning stage of the new facility can begin.

Commissioning, in the simplest terms, is putting all pre-commissioned equipment into production. Essentially putting the equipment, systems, and individual units to work with power – while continuing testing to ensure the safety of all equipment and to correct any issues prior to opening operations.

An example we use often is to imagine building a custom home. While the home is being built, it is being inspected and tested; safety is the ultimate indicator of success. When it’s time to move into the home, the homeowners know the lights and plumbing work, the roof isn’t going to cave, and the foundation is strong. Commissioning takes all the preapproved pieces and puts them together to make a fully operational facility.

In commissioning the thorough process of checking and testing is for NEW facilities. However, if the facility is not new it would be referred to as a start-up project. Start-up is the re-starting of a facility that has been closed or shut down for any number of reasons. The changeover from a construction phase to fully operational is the same for both commissioning and start-up projects.

The commissioning process at CommTech Global is a team effort that includes aid in all phases, from accurate drawings and designs that can enhance reliability and functionality, to a long-term plan for ongoing operations without future flaws. The commissioning teams specialize in working closely with clients and engineers to ensure optimum operation is the result. This includes the owner’s satisfaction and knowledge of their product.

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