By Stacey Spicer

Providing your customer with product on time should be seamless. In 2021, that wasn’t always the case. Global supply chains were interrupted, causing increased prices, longer lead times, and traffic jams on the water.

As a manufacturer relying on the receipt of materials to complete projects on time, CommTech was challenged to become more flexible with vendors on expected delivery dates. In addition, we remained committed to meeting our customer’s deadlines. We became proficient in supply chain conversations and by the end of the year were unphased as manufacturer shipping dates continually pushed later and later. We became better at locating alternate sourcing partners while continuing to grow the relationships with our Tier 1 suppliers.

Lead time concerns also created an opportunity to review our internal processes. We were able to identify internal gaps that could potentially compound supply chain woes and have worked carefully to create new processes to close those gaps. While the supply chain presented challenges across the globe this past year, CommTech viewed it as another opportunity to grow and improve as a benefit to our customers.

Looking forward to 2022 we will continue to identify ways to improve so that we are able to provide the best service possible to our clients, regardless of the external challenges we face.

Stacey Spicer, Purchasing Manager,