Many businesses in the United States are shifting steadily to solar energy, regardless of the business’ size. Small to medium size businesses are following the rapid traction of solar power and seeing the benefits of switching to alternative energy solutions.

Why now? The solar industry has grown and matured over the years, where the technology is more affordable in present day versus decades ago. Return on investment is timelier, and solar energy is more dependable than other energy sources.

Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Benefits

1.) Reduce Overhead Costs

This seems simple enough; reduce overhead cost by reducing your business’ electric energy costs. Regardless of the percentage of solar power your business converts to, complete or partial dependency on commercial power grid, the overall costs will drop.

2.) Investment in The Future

As the world works to lighten our carbon footprint, we are constantly working to slowly move away from fossil fuels and foster more renewable energy solutions. Solar power has the sustainability to continue servicing our energy needs well into the future.

3.) Energy Autonomy

With solar energy, you have the option of storing electricity through a battery system; your business is self-sufficient regarding energy. Power is always there when you need a back-up.

4.) Tax Benefits

Yup. Big time. Local, state, and federal governments support the move towards renewable, clean and efficient solar power, giving incentives for businesses to move towards environmental sustainability.

5.) Financial and Environmental Returns

This may seem redundant, but it remains true. Yes, the initial cost of switching over to solar power may be expensive; however, it’s an asset that will continue to benefit your future financial plans with a return on investment within a few short years (depending on business size). While saving cash for your business is the bottom line, the number of trees and gallons of gas saved is upwards of tens of thousands.

By Kristine Rohwer / November 2020