CommTech Global provides professional and reliable commissioning services to customers in all realms of the energy industry, but what does that mean? Exactly what services are commissioning and how does that play in other energy aspects? Alyssa Frerichs, Assistant Project Manager/Program Manager I.E., explains what commissioning is, why companies use a third-party commissioning team, benefits of outsourcing commissioning, and what the future may hold for this service.

  • Commissioning can take on different meanings depending on the subject at hand…from a stockbroker to construction. What does commissioning mean to CommTech Global?

CommTech Global services clients primarily in the energy industry, whether that’s a natural gas pipeline or a solar field, we can do it all. Commissioning is a crucial step in finishing a project; its main purpose is to certify that everything that’s been built, changed, or installed works properly and meets or exceeds engineering standards as well as state and federal requirements. CommTech Global is a specialized commissioning company who sends technicians to project sites to certify that all system components, including valves, motors, pumps, switchboards, control panels, and all the wiring in between are “up to par” before a site can be deemed operational. 

  • What are examples of commissioning for small to large projects that fall under the CommTech Global umbrella? Explain the vastness of energy commissioning projects that CommTech Global has completed? Natural gas vs. renewable energy?

CommTech Global provides support to projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from an entirely new compressor station or solar field to small system or equipment upgrades within a project site. The fact that CommTech Global is looked to as a subject matter expert in oil and gas as well as renewable energy systems speaks volumes at the diversity and talent that our team brings to the table. We’ve commissioned control stations, fire and gas systems, suppression systems, automation upgrades, sun-tracking solar power systems, and all components associated. Some of these projects are so big, they take months to complete, while others are small enough to only require a few days. The flexibility our team has is unmatched in making sure our clients receive a completely operational finished product, no matter the size or subject.

  • What (if any) are the common reasons a company hires out a third-party commissioning team?

A huge reason to hire out a third-party commissioning team like CommTech Global is simply checks and balances. You never want to check your own work as you’re likely to skip over mistakes that someone else with a fresh set of eyes would catch. This is the same for most industries; a very skilled team is hired to build your house, but you’re also going to need inspections along the way to ensure it’s up to standard. That’s exactly what CommTech Global provides for the energy industry. Our teams are also sought out for guidance during the construction process, so a lot of times we’re with the project from start to finish; but we’re there solely to make sure everything is done correctly, and that’s something a lot of our clients’ value.

  • Let’s pretend you have a crystal ball – what does the future of commissioning look like?

Commissioning will always be crucial in the energy industry, and the energy industry will always be crucial to the United States, so we’re not going anywhere! However, as more people shift to wanting renewable energy sources, I can see CommTech Global diving even deeper into that sector as we continue to grow as a company ourselves. We want to be as well rounded as possible so whatever type of client we’re working for, we’re giving them the best service out there.