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As global engineering energy consultants, our mission is to ensure that start-up renewal and fossil fuel energy projects are compliant with all electrical, engineering and UL certification standards. Our focused commitment to high-quality support with reliable results is absolute.

CommTech Global Named One of the 2022 Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

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CommTech Global provides professional and reliable commissioning services to customers in all realms of the energy industry. We blend our skills in engineering and technology with innovative business models, offering a complete range of services to assist customers for a successful and in compliance operational startup.

Our dedication and commitment to quality and reliable services and assured commissioning solutions is what makes us different from the rest.

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Our core values include putting the customer first, innovating, fostering teamwork, going above and beyond, and exuding passion – the results give CommTech Global an esteemed reputation in the industry and continue to grow the business from its humble beginnings.

These values are pervasive in the culture CommTech Global created since inception. The values are easily identifiable in all CommTech Global’s dedicated employees and help produce the results clients want. Adhering to these values as a CommTech Global identity also allows for growth and innovation across all energy platforms, including renewable sources like wind and solar energy. This also helps with collaborating across platforms, allowing solar energy to help with natural gas energy.

As the company grows through its reputation of excellent work and an exemplary team of employees, so does the ability to meet the high demand of today’s energy market.

CommTech Global is in excellent position to work with a variety of clients across energy platforms well into the future as the industry continues to evolve.


”This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

Founded in 2017 by President John M. Jachym and Vice President James Craft, CommTech Global facilitates startup solutions within the energy sector, with commissioning being the backbone of our unmatched services.

“The idea of CommTech Global was generated by a lack of skilled technical experience that most clients were struggling to find,” Jachym said. “We respect each and every opportunity we receive, and follow through on all promises.”

As a leading provider of professional and reliable commissioning services to customers in all realms of the energy industry, CommTech Global believes their dedication and commitment to quality is what makes them truly unique.

But what was once a small shop, has now expanded into a three-suite operation in the Omaha metro area, a shop in Wahoo, Nebraska, and regional offices in Bradenton, Florida and Duluth, Minnesota. Fueling this growth is an enthusiastic team of employees who bring an “all-in” mindset to their jobs each and every day.

Today, services include control engineering, design and drafting, commissioning and startup, panel assembly, regulatory document control services, and field inspection.

CommTech Global June 2021 Small Business of the Month: Omaha Chamber of Commerce

CommTech Global is proud to be an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau® of Omaha, Nebraska

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